12 May 2016


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1st October 2015

5.5 million Brits are failing to get gas safety checks.

67,000 gas emergencies across the UK in the last year.

The fifth annual Gas Safety Week was held in September and the following information was published by Gas Safety Week.

More than 5.5 million people in the UK are putting their health and finances at risk by not getting their gas appliances safety checked every year.

This map below shows how many unsafe appliances were found in RG14 in the last year … 97 boilers, 20 cookers and 11 fires …JUST IN RG14! 

In fact, in the last year there have been more than 67,000 gas emergency call outs to homes in the UK, the equivalent of 186 every day. On top of which, the gas authority – Gas Safe Register – has found dangerous gas appliances lurking in one in six of the 142,000 homes it has inspected in the past five years. These dangers have led to six deaths and more than 300 injuries in the last year alone.

Left unchecked, gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Not only can these kill you, they can also result in damage to your home which can run into thousands of pounds to rectify. Common problems associated with faulty or badly maintained gas appliances include black staining on surrounding walls, burst gas pipes, excessive condensation and in extreme cases, house fires and explosions.

Having a gas safety check is a legal requirement for landlords, however for homeowners the onus is on them to get this done.

Stay Gas Safe and ALWAYS use a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

 If you would like us to service your boiler please do call us on 01635 863336.

Source : Gas Safe Website.

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