19 May 2016

New boiler energy labelling

What’s in it for you?
7th July 2015
From September all new boilers and heating systems will be rated and labelled for their energy efficiency, in much the same way that white goods are now. For home owners  this means the installer will be competing to reduce your energy bills by putting in high efficiency boilers and controls.Boiler manufacturer’s have been making 90+% efficiency boilers for some years now and we have been installing boilers with up to 97% efficiency for several years (eg the Viessmann boiler).

As a customer, what you need to know is simply this. If you have a new boiler installed, ask about the energy efficiency as well the warranty on the boiler and make sure you use a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. He will leave you with a fully completed energy rating label.

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  1. Brilliant job! can’t wait to read another posts. Good job keep it up.


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