19 May 2016


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19th May 2016

Heating and hot water control from your phone to save you time and money
The government is encouraging all homes and small commercial premises to have remote controlled Smart Meters by 2020 – but why?
Active Heating Services is qualified to install remote heating controls and our customers are happy with the results so we thought we would share with you a few of the reasons this might be right for you.
How can a it benefit you?
Basically it lets you control the temperature in your property, in just the same way a regular thermostat does, and you can monitor how much heat you are using – and how much it is costing you. All done remotely via an App and this makes all the difference.If you have irregular work patterns or a lifestyle which brings you home at different times of the day, or night, then changing the heating or hot water settings on the way home to get a hot bath or a warm house is wonderful. Going away on holiday or on business and there’s a cold snap or heatwave at home? Change the heating settings from your phone or tablet.
One of our customers is a warden of a Church and Church hall and no longer has to drive to the Church to change heating on/off cycles in the different heating zones of the Church and Church Hall when there are events on. He does it all from home. And the same benefits are there for schools, parish halls and offices – warm up the meeting rooms before people arrive and turn it off as soon as they leave.So would a remote heating control benefit you?
Simply put – it buys flexibility, which in turn can save you money – and time.

The best news
To buy and install a remote heating control is quick and inexpensive. It does still need to be done by your heating engineer but it usually doesn’t take long at all to install.

We fit a control which will look after both your heating and hot water system for £200. You can also look at adding additional room thermostats which will enable you to heat different areas of the building at different times, especially valuable in a larger premises.

If you want to know more about this product, please give us a call on 01635 863336

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