14 May 2017

Do you have Oil Heating?

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In West Berks many village properties are not connected to mains gas and a vast majority of them are heated using oil. Active Heating engineers are fully qualified by OFTEC to service, maintain and install oil tanks and boilers.  If you want a priority service at all times, even in winter and at weekends, Active Heating uniquely offers our Active Care maintenance contract at only £23 per month which covers the service and immediate attention to all breakdowns of the heating and hot water systems; parts and labour are covered.

What’s new for oil users? OFTEC has teamed up with the Federation of Petroleum suppliers to launch a campaign to help consumers  ‘Think Tank Safe’. A rusty metal tank or a cracked plastic tank can lead to expensive and environmentally damaging oil spillage. The British standard code of practice for oil firing, BS 5410-1, requires that tanks are inspected by a competent person, such as an OFTEC registered technician, at least once a year or at the time of an appliance visit.

OFTEC CEO Paul Rose explains:

“Tanks are often the forgotten part of an oil heating system but it is vitally important their condition is maintained to ensure safe oil storage.

“Fortunately, oil leaks are rare but the consequences of a spill can be high, causing not only inconvenience and cost to the homeowner, but a serious environmental issue. Neglecting a tank is clearly false economy.

“Our new Tank Safe campaign aims to get across the importance having a safe, secure and regularly checked tank. This will not only help protect the environment but also the reputation of the oil heating industry, as well as technicians’ relationships with individual oil heating customers.”

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