23 May 2017

How would you benefit from softened water?

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In the Berkshire area our water supply is classified as Hard Water or Very Hard water. This means our water contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium. When you use a Water Softener, it removes the ions which cause the water to be hard.

Active Heating Services works with Basingstoke Water Softeners to supply and install water softeners in West Berkshire – both rated 9-10 on Checkatrade.

6 excellent reasons for softening water from health to money saving…

Cleaner Home


Hard water causes lime scale build up and rings round taps, on showers, shower heads and on tiles, and these are just the surfaces you can see! So if you no longer have any lime scale just think how much cleaning time and products you will save! Plus, your glassware and crockery will be bright and sparkly once more.

Good news for eczema sufferers


The soap residue left behind on your skin clogs the pores and irritates the skin, making it itchy, flaky, and dry. The minerals suspended in hard water can also clog skin pores, which can be especially harmful to more sensitive areas like the face.

By using softened water, soaps and other cleansing products will form more lather – because the minerals in hard water don’t mix well with the products you use.

Clearly you are now saving money on expensive products because you ae using so much less but it also means fewer products to irritate the skin. This can really help improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Household appliances & boilers


Within 6 months your A energy rated boiler can downgrade to a C rated boiler when there is a build up of scale in the heat exchanger.  And over time hard water will form scale in your pipes, washing machines and other appliances. Installing a water softener will eventually dissolve any existing scale and ensure any new appliances are completely scale free. Please ask us if your boiler is compatible with softened water.

The build up of scale in a boiler and heating system can reduce its efficiency because scale acts as an insulator. A large coating of scale will need to be heated up before you can start to heat the actual water, which uses more energy and means higher gas and electricity bills.

Bigger bubble baths and gorgeous hair!


We have established that softened water lathers much better than hard water, so with just a small amount of product you can enjoy a lovely big bath full of relaxing bubbles. Expensive shampoo? Well at least now you wont have to use very much to get a great lather … and with no nasty residue you can enjoy shiner, silkier and glossier hair.

Save money on your bills


So let’s recap on those savings so far:

  • Boiler, washing machine and appliances now more efficient so cheaper energy bills
  • Less maintenance costs to fix problems caused by scale-build up on heating elements and appliances.
  • Shampoos, hand soaps, bubble bath and shower gel all last considerably longer.
  • No need for expensive scale remover products, and less bathroom and kitchen cleaning stuff.
  • Less washing powder is required with softened water
  • No need to buy replacement shower heads.

And finally…

Make the perfect cuppa!

When you have your water softener installed, you will also have a drinking water tap supplied. This small tap will bypass your softened water to provide regular drinking water. The drinking water tap can be upgraded to provide filtered water, which works by filtering out impurities in your water and improving the taste – making the perfect cuppa!


And if that isn’t a good enough reason to install a water softener then I don’t know what is!

We are able to install a water softener in your home starting from £900 +VAT.

Call 01635 863336.

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